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God has blessed SVRBC with much, and we rejoice in the opportunities we have to share those blessing with others.

Biblical counseling

We believe the Word of God is sufficient to navigate all of life's trials. Equipped with ACBC certification our counselors have helped many people apply God's word to their struggles and life situations.

Learn more about our counseling ministry.

Community Food Distribution

Every other Saturday, we distribute food to anyone in the community who needs it.

Learn more, or sign up to be notified of future distributions.

Rides to church

If you have limited transportation and want to attend SVRBC, we’d love to help! We regularly give rides to students and others without cars.

Contact us at to arrange a ride.

Intern and new grad housing program

Every summer, tens of thousands of young adults flock to the SF bay area, where the jobs are plentiful but the housing is not. SVRBC would like to step in and help! Several families are available to host an intern or a new graduate for anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

This program offers not only free housing, but an immediate base of support in a local church. Young singles will have an opportunity to interact closely with a godly family, and in return, we can be encouraged by their presence and fellowship!

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Silicon Valley Areopagus Forum

SVRBC hosts and organizes the Silicon Valley Areopagus Forum, a quarterly discussion panel where pastors or secular thought-leaders from the area get together to discuss a set topic.

Learn more at

Anti-abortion efforts

We are in the process of reshaping our anti-abortion efforts. Specifically, we are networking with End Abortion Now to lead a campaign against the injustice of abortion here in the SF Bay Area.

In the past, we’ve organized a "Protestants for Life" group for the Walk for Life West Coast event in San Francisco. We provided transportation, signs, and t-shirts to anyone interested in joining.

Email us at if you want to help us to take a stand against the murder of the unborn.