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Free Intern/New Grad Housinglink

Openings in Sunnyvale (Santa Clara County), Redwood City, and Fremont.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2

Every summer, tens of thousands of young adults flock to the SF bay area, where the jobs are plentiful but the housing is not. SVRBC would like to step in and help! Several families are available to host an intern or a new graduate for anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

This program offers not only free housing, but an immediate base of support in a local church. Young singles will have an opportunity to interact closely with a godly family, and in return, we can be encouraged by their presence and fellowship!

Portrait of Rebekah Houser

The time with my host family and the church has been a great blessing. I especially enjoyed joining family devotions. Through my host family’s commitment to growing in their knowledge of God, and through their love for Him and others, I was encouraged to seek to grow in these areas myself.

Rebekah Houser, Fall 2019

The application processlink

  1. Applicants may begin by filling out this form.
  2. The character reference listed by the applicant will be contacted for a recommendation.
  3. A standard background check will be conducted.
  4. If there are no issues with the application and there is available space, applicants will be paired with a host family who will contact them.
  5. If both the host family and applicant agree on the fit, then the applicant will be able to stay with the host for a specified period of time!
Portrait of Daniel Mock

Being part of the Intern Hosing Program with SVRBC was an amazing experience. Everyone at the church was very nice, and I felt connected and welcomed from the moment I got there. Conley and his family were great hosts, and I could not have had a better experience staying with them!

Daniel Mock, Summer 2019

Portrait of Ayo Erinfolami

I used to think I was humble until I met my hosts (the Burchetts)! The entire family treated me with so much love and respect and that made me feel completely comfortable in their house. Staying with them is an answer to a prayer I prayed before getting married.

Ayo Erinfolami, Summer 2019

Rules and guidelineslink

While host families will each have their own rules around the home, we require that the following rules be observed in order to promote the safety and spiritual benefit of this program.

  1. Family activities and costs
    1. The host family should generally welcome the guest’s involvement in family activities, including meals.
    2. The host family must not request or require any payment from the guest for housing, utilities, or food.
    3. Note: The host family will be provided with a weekly stipend to help offset costs incurred while participating in this program.
  2. Daily family worship
    1. Guests must make a serious effort to be present for daily family worship.
    2. Hosts must attempt to accommodate the schedule of the guest when scheduling family worship.
    3. Recommendation: Schedule family worship for the morning and have a backup time in the evening for when that does not work.
    4. Recommendation: If your family worship is centered around teaching children, restructure it to accommodate adults as well.
  3. Church attendance
    1. Guests must make a serious effort to be regular in their attendance and participation in SVRBC meetings and activities.
    2. Note: SVRBC serves the Lord’s supper weekly at the Sunday afternoon service.
  4. Children and safety
    1. Guests are not to be left alone with children under the age of 16.
    2. Guests are not to play with children behind closed doors.
  5. At-will housing
    1. Both the guest and host family have the right to terminate the arrangement for any reason.
Portrait of JD Barela

This church is great, extremely welcoming and tons of fun activities. The family that took me in was awesome, they couldn’t have been more hospitable.

JD Barela, Spring 2019

Portrait of Jesús Garcia-Mancilla

I was greatly blessed by the opportunity to have a place to arrive at this new area, where I don’t have relatives, because I found a family in this church. It was a great learning opportunity, and helped me grow in the Lord, both by studying the Bible with them and also by watching their sacrificial love for one another.

Jesús Garcia-Mancilla, Fall 2016

Ayo Barela Erinfolami Houser